Who we are

We are engaged in activities with the mission of promoting cellular agriculture in society with the understanding and trust of people.

As a voluntary organization “Shojinmeat Project”, we have been widely disseminating information to society through experimental classrooms, study sessions, sales of publications, and creative activities as an extension activity of cellular agriculture.

Considering the challenges that have emerged through such activities and the precedent cases in the world, cellular agriculture products have become popular in Japan and are supported by many people in order to enrich their food culture. We thought that the organization should take the leadership and spread the range of activities.

For that purpose, it is not a for-profit purpose, but an organization that allows a large number of people to participate in a neutral position is indispensable, so we have come to the idea of ​​acquiring a non profit organization.

We believe that by conducting regular general meetings and appropriately disclosing information to the general public, we can gain social credibility and realize sound corporate management.

We aim to contribute not only to people but also to the global environment by promoting cellular agriculture, which is a sustainable new agriculture with a low environmental load, by holding academic conferences, education business, and promotion of cellular agriculture.