Membership & Donation


Cellular Agriculture Institute of the Commons (CAIC) is working towards the social implementation of a new production system called "cellular agriculture".

We will carry out the activities under our mission:

* To inform citizens about trends in the academic world and industry,

* To convey the requests and opinions of citizens to the academic world and industry.

We would like to ask for your warm support.

How to donate

You can donate by bank transfer.

SBI Sumishin Net Bank

◆Branch name:法人第一支店

◆Account Number:106-1410609

◆Account type:普通

◆Acocount name : 特定非営利活動法人日本細胞農業協会

◆Kana: トクヒ)ニホンサイボウノウギョウキョウカイ

Member Recruitment

CAIC is always looking for those who can participate in corporate management activities as "regular members" and those who can support this activity as "supporting members".

Member benefits

Newsletter, priority information for seminars and events, etc.

Regular Member

Admission Fee 5,000 yen

Annual Fee 12,000 yen

Supporting Member

Admission Fee 4,000 yen

Annual Fee 1口6,000 yen(1口以上)

■ Membership agreement 会員規約